Auditory Neuropathy

A Program to Improve Access to Genetic Testing

The Resonate™ program provides genetic testing to eligible individuals of any age with a clinical diagnosis of auditory neuropathy, or a medical history consistent with auditory neuropathy, at no cost to participants, their insurance, or their healthcare providers. The program is available in the United States and plans to expand to additional geographic regions throughout 2021. The Resonate program is sponsored by Akouos, Inc. and genetic testing is performed by Blueprint Genetics.


Every year, thousands of children are born with disabling hearing loss and the majority of cases of congenital hearing loss are due to an underlying genetic cause. However, few individuals receive a genetic diagnosis and a key barrier is the availability and accessibility of genetic testing.

A genetic diagnosis may lead to better insight to help guide medical management and decision making, as well as determine potential eligibility for clinical studies or future clinical trials.

The Resonate program provides genetic testing for eligible individuals with auditory neuropathy. To help understand their genetic testing results, program participants in the United States also have access to optional genetic counseling provided through the program by InformedDNA, at no cost to participants, their insurance, or their healthcare providers.


How the Resonate program works

A comprehensive genetic test with optional genetic counseling


A healthcare provider confirms the individual’s eligibility. The ordering physician orders the test through Blueprint Genetics Nucleus Portal. Program participant completes the consent form and provides saliva sample. For questions or assistance with ordering, physicians should contact Blueprint Genetics at


The Blueprint Genetics Comprehensive Hearing Loss and Deafness Panel includes more than 288 genes associated with genetic forms of hearing loss. Blueprint Genetics can perform the test on the program participant’s saliva sample. Test results are available to the ordering physician, on average, in 3 to 4 weeks from receipt of sample.


For program participants in the United States, genetic counseling to review results is available through the program by InformedDNA. These optional genetic counseling sessions are provided via telehealth and are comprehensive, with a review of medical and family history, interpretation of identified genetic variants, correlation with disease, and medical management recommendations.


Eligible individuals who wish to participate in the Resonate program are required to provide Informed Consent. Identifiable information from program participants, raw sequence data, and information from any genetic counseling sessions will not be shared with Akouos, Inc. Blueprint Genetics may share information about the ordering healthcare provider, such as contact information.


Who can participate in Resonate?

To be eligible for the Resonate program, individuals can be any age and must have a current or prior clinical diagnosis of auditory neuropathy, or a medical history consistent with auditory neuropathy. Auditory neuropathy is a hearing disorder characterized by an absent or abnormal auditory brainstem response (ABR) with preservation of otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) and/or cochlear microphonics (CMs). What this means is that individuals living with auditory neuropathy can often detect sound in the inner ear, but have problems sending sound information from the ear to the brain; in many cases, genetic mutations cause auditory neuropathy. Individuals should not have evidence of a syndromic medical history.

To access genetic counseling to help understand their genetic testing results, program participants must reside in the United States.

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